Enquiry and Contact Logging Software

Enquiries can be logged centrally and a complete history of contact notes, events and dates stored against each enquiry.

New contract estimates, small works and service maintenance orders can all be logged on the enquiry module, with key fields suggested and pre-filled if customer or site records have contract plans set-up.

Existing enquiries can be located by any combination of Enquiry ID, Customer, Site, Dates, Area, Job Type and Status.

You can see at a glance which jobs are outstanding or required within the next “x” days to avoid penalties and ensure your customers receive good service.

The Service Maintenance application will have full works and labour schedulers to search and check on historical labour times and locations, but for those without the Service Maintenance the enquiry module provides a trace for all labour entered into the small works costing application so that you can easily identify who was at which site and on what date and time.

Reports include

  • Outstanding Jobs required within the next “x” days
  • Overdue jobs.
  • Estimate Analysis.
  • Small Works Analysis.
  • KPI Chart