Contract Estimating Features

  • E-Quotation system, with user definable Cover Letter, Terms and Conditions. Auto attachment of Quotation and selected Files
  • Re-Specify tender with products from any alternate manufacturers
  • MDI - Open Multiple Tenders on screen at the SAME time, then Cut and Paste Sections or Items as required
  • Apply different Mark-ups to each Section, against the various Labour and Material types, Commissioning and Maintenance values - with FULL visual feedback of these Markup Amounts, Percentages and Gross Profit.
  • User defined takeoff layout
  • "Fly by" hints, Detailed context sensitive help, Step by Step Tutorial, Free Tutor Videos
  • Setup/tailor system as you work productively
  • User Defined Filter for fast location and display takeoff items that meet ad-hoc selected criteria. E.g. Items with no cost that are not Install only items. A default filter can be automated to trigger on entry to Final Adjustment screen.
  • Comprehensive 'Rates Clinic' available to manipulate the quantity or cost of rates accurately at 2 decimal places and leave totals the same.
  • Import material lists created with the Plan Takeoff software.
  • A Quoted Price option enables users with a valid database update subscription to export material lists from an estimate where your supplier can enter product prices which can be imported back to the estimate updating your material prices from those quoted. An option to update an "Agreed Price" field of these products in the parts database is useful for setting a guide price for Price On Application items when estimating.
  • Unlimited Material and Labour mark-up groups.
  • Unlimited nested levels of sub-sections. As well as displaying section details in a grid for quick viewing of cost and time, there is also a tree-view (similar to Windows explorer) to show the nested sub-section structure at a glance.
  • Switchable takeoff displays as assembly groups or fully detailed at item level
  • Budget Estimate Costing
  • Comprehensive Electrical Database with update options
  • Bespoke service available

Powerful Product Searching

Save time looking, increase time estimating using any combination of:

  • Partial Catalogue Code
  • Partial Product Description
  • Logic e.g. to locate specific Brand, Type, Dimension, Material, Colour, Finish, etc
  • Manufacturers Product Range
  • Product Commodity (e.g. Consumer Unit)
  • Assemblies/Kits
  • Order search results by cost or manufacturer

High Quality Colour Reports

Presentation counts

  • Apply your company Logo or Letter heads for a professional finish
  • Schedule of Supplied and Fitted Unit Rates
  • Schedule of Commissioning Unit Rates
  • Schedule of Maintenance Unit Rates
  • Schedule of Assembly Rates
  • Schedule of Section Rates (Tender Summary)
  • Full Quotation
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Duplicated Rates automatically consolidated.
  • Bills of Materials
  • Management Reports
  • Graphical representation Pie and Bar Charts
  • Estimates Analysis Won / lost Conversion Rates and Profit Values, selected by any combination of Client, Site, Estimator, between Dates
  • Reports Export in formats suitable for Word Processors, Spreadsheets, HTML, PDF.
  • Send reports to Printer, Fax or Email

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